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  • irrigation systems, seed drills, sowing machine, cultivators, baler, laser land levelling machine
    Telephone: +905337414001 Address: Nusratli Mahallesi Ören Mevkii Tekirdağ
  • ventilation machines, spiral tube formers, plasma machines, uncoilers, elbow maker machines, tube formers, tube forming machines, plastic tube forming machines, plastic profile machines, plasma feeders, coil conveyors, ventilating machines, aype polyethylene pipe machines, steel wire spiral hose machines, drip irrigation pipe machines, hdpe polyethylene pipe machines, tube coil machines, natural hose machines, braided hose machines, p100 pipe machines, spiral hose machines, hose winders, hose dr
    DFC Machinery & Engineering was founded at 2003, at first we had designed and fabricated the custom-made machines and had manufactured automotive spare parts for a long time.
    Telephone: +90 332 245 25 55 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mah., 1753 Sk., No: 20/B, Karatay, Konya, Turkey
  • agriculture, irrigation, agricultural irrigation, machinery, agriculturel machinery, agriculturel equipments
    Doğanay Tarım is a Kütahya, Turkey-based company that is a leading agricultural machinery supplier with wide and qualified product options. Beyond selling products, Doğanay Tarım
    Telephone: 5397049810 Address: Pirler Mahallesi Meydan Caddesi No:1/C – KÜTAHYA
  • irregation, agriculture, mining, pipe, hose, Lift Control Panels, Lift Control Boards, Agricultural irrigation, Drip irrigation production machines, Drip irrigation systems, Drip irrigation systems supplier, Irrigation systems, Irrigation valves, Plastic ball valve, Rain water control system, Rain water irrigation, Sprinkler irrigation production machines
    iTerra Globe team try to give a best facilities to their customers in the field of business around the world. This company is located in the Istanbul – Turkey in the middle of
    Telephone: +90 505 991 0193 Address: Merdivenköy Mahallesi, Bora Sokak, No:1, KAt:7, Kadıköy, Göztepe, İstanbul, Turkey
  • agricultural equipment, agricultural equipments, agricultural machine, agricultural machineries, agricultural machinery, agricultural machines, agriculture machine, agriculture machineries, agriculture machinery, agriculture machines, bedlinen, bedlinens, blanket, blankets, carpet, carpets, ceramic, ceramic tile, ceramic tiles, ceramics, farm machine, farm machineries, farm machinery, farm machines, fertilizer machines, gauze, gauze bandage, gauze bandages, gauze patch, gauze patches, gauzes, glazed ceramic tile, glazed ceramic tiles, harvesting machines, home textile, home textiles, house textile, house textiles, irrigation systems, land development machines, planting machines, quilt cover set, quilt cover sets, textile machine, textile machineries, textile machinery, textile machines, tile, tiles, tractors, felt, milk, powder, milk powder, cat, dog, food, foods, cat food, dog food, cat and dog, dog and cat, cats, hair, canvas, tent, tents, hair tents, canvas tents, pest, control, pest control
    We are a foreign trade and construction company. We can give you a lot of prices and models for blanket, carpet, bedlinen, gauze bandage, agriculture machinery, textile machinery,
    Telephone: 05358835946 Address: Ünalan mah. Mimar Sinan Cad. No. 119/A UŞAK
  • Aluminum Foil Pprc Pipe Production Line, Multi-Layer Plastic Pipe Production Line, A Single-Layer Plastic Pipe Production Line, Round Drip Irrigation Pipeline, Mufti Machine, Extruder, Hauler, Breakers, Winders, Spray Tank, Drain And Foil Coating Machines, Vacuum Tank, Calibres, Plastic Pipe Heads, Products, Manufacturing, Turkey
    Telephone: 90 212 423 59 34 Address: İncirtepe Mah.Fatih Sanayi Sit.214. Sok. D-1A No:33 Esenyurt/İstanbul-TURKEY
  • extruder, extrusion, die heads, die, head, calibration sleeve, calibration, cooling, vacuum, cutting, cutter, coiler, wending, plastic pipe line, pipe line, Drip Irrigation Line, Pipe machines, pipe machine, filament machines, 3D filament Machines, PE Pipe Production Line, Compelete Line, Extrusion, Extruding, Plastic Extrusion
    Our Company is the manufacturer of Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machines and Spare Parts. We mainly specialize on manufacturing of these lines; - PPRC Pipe Production Line - PE
    Telephone: 0212 423 59 34  Address: Aksemseddin Mah. Fatih San. Sit. 214. Sok. D-1A Blok No. 31, Esenyurt / Istanbul – TURKEY
  • aluminum, aluminium, auto parts, automotive parts, automotive spare parts, auto spare parts, marbles, travertines, granites, natural stones, machines, medical products, medical items, medical equipments, medical materials, agricultural products, aluminum, aluminium, valves, air springs, press machines, suspensions, bellows, joysticks, air tanks, oil tanks, brakes, brake systems, pumps, hydraulic pumps, rubbers, drip irrigation filters, filters, irrigation filters, drip filters, handrails, alumin
    In order to make the foreign trade activities we have been doing for many years more institutionalized, we have taken our place in the foreign trade sector with our new identity
    Telephone: +90 332 503 00 68 - +90 549 649 42 03 Address: Fevzi Çakmak Mh. Medcezir Cd. B Blok, No:81123, Konya
  • agricultural equipments, agricultural machines, irrigation pipe, irrigation pipes, plastic irrigation pipes, plastic pipe, plastic pipes
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of agricultural machines, agricultural equipments, irrigation pipes, irrigation pipe, plastic irrigation pipes, plastic pipes, plastic pipe,
    Telephone: +90 224 267 23 60 Address: eğitim mah ahmet yesevi cad. no:20 ovaakca Osmangazi, Bursa, Turkey
  • garden hose, pvc hose, lay flat hose, irrigation system, water hose, clear hose, suction hose, steel wire hose, air hose, fiber hose, high presure hose, rubber air hose, flexible hose, hose pipe making machine, pvc spring hose, spray hose
    Weifang Xiangan Plastic Company is a professional PVC hose factory in China, can make different OEM hoses as per customers' requests. Main products : PVC steel wire reinforced
    Telephone: 008618660677392 Address: South industril park,changle county,weifang city,shandong province,China.
  • agriculture, agricultural, farming, cultivation, farm machinery, agricultural machinery, agricultural equipments, planting machinery, sowing machinery, tillage machine, fertilizing machine, rotary irrigation machine, machine, macgines, sowing machinerys, planting machinerys, tillage machines, machinerys, machinery, farm machinerys, cultivations, farmings, agricultures
    Gungor Agricultural Machinery established as a private company by Ismail Malkara district of Tekirdağ Güngör in business in 1947 as a small lathe workshop, began his career with
    Telephone: +90 282 427 50 10 Address: Sanayi Sit. Karşısı No: 102, Malkara, Tekirdağ, Turkey
  • drip irrigation system, automatic irrigation filters, machine manufacturing, spare parts manufacturing, control valves, packaging machinery
    Telephone: 05335970454 Address: mersin Tarsus organize sanayi bölgesi 2. cadde no 20 mersın
  • farming and gardening machines, generators, irrigation materials and equipments, garden and camping equipment, pressurized washing and infiltration
    Telephone: (90)(380) 514 63 25 Address: D-100 KARAYOLU ÖZTÜRKLER MEVKİİ DÜZCE
  • drip irrigation machines, drip irrigation pipes, drip irrigation fittings, drip irrigation
    Telephone: (90)(232) 853 87 37 Address: CUMHURIYET MAH FATMA TONKUŞ CAD NO:14 TORBALI
  • flail mulcher, stalk cutter, sprinkler system, irrigation system, agricultural machinery
    Telephone: (90)(332) 342 32 24 Address: F.CAKMAK MAH.GIDA C.7 BLOK MUDANYA SOK.NO:8 KARATAY
  • seeding machine, seed planting machine, irrigation system, budding, farm machinery, agricultural machinery
    Telephone: 05304142217 Address: ÇALKAYA MAH. SEMT MEVLANA CAD.NO:10/ C, AKSU, ANTALYA
  • electrical hand tools, garden machines, garden hand tools, irrigation pump, air compressor, welding machine, generator, construction materials
    Telephone: 5134838 Address: İSTOÇ TOPTANCILAR ÇARŞISI 15.ADA NO:145-147-149-151 BAĞCILAR
  • cultivator, water engine, lawn mower, generator, garden irrigation system, construction machinery
    Telephone: 0 332 237 64 33  Address: Musalla Bağları Mh. Elmalı Cd. Güçlü Sk. No:5
  • area meter, area meter for combine harvester, disk controlled area meter, trail displacement area meter, seed controlled area meter, irrigation control, counter, prepayment well control system, climatic, plate reading system, ticket access control system, prepaid electricity, water counter, spraying machine control
    Telephone: 4650740 Address: 1348 SOK. NO:5/203 TEKNİK İŞ MERKEZİ YENİŞEHİR / İZMİR
  • canal opening machines, cotton harvesting machines, irrigation systems, irrigation system, canal opening machine, cotton harvesting machine
    Telephone: (90)(212) 251 96 15 Address: İNEBOLU SK.NO:39/2 KABATAŞ BEYOĞLU
  • irrigation, irrigation systems, landscape irrigation systems, landscape irrigation, industrial products, irrigation machines
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of irrigation, irrigation systems, landscape irrigation systems, landscape irrigation, industrial products, machines, manufacturers,
    Telephone: +90 312 441 51 31 Address: HOŞDERE CAD 125/3 YUKARI AYRANCI ANKARA, TURKEY
  • spraying machines and pumps, collapsing machines, meadow mowers, cow mowing machines, lawn mower tractors, lawn ventilation machines, grass seeds, hedge mowers, garden irrigation supplies, concrete cutting machines, plant nutrition and fertilizers, pruning and vaccine scissors-vaccine pieces, branch grinders, electric motor saws, industrial scissors, generators, motorized scythes, motor saws, forestry accessories and protective materials, plastic sprayers and sprayers, water motors, earth drill machine, leaf blowing and collecting machines, high-end pruning machines and shears, feed crops, olive and fruit harvesting machines, chains
    Telephone: 4464392 Address: 1201/1 sokak NO:60 TEKNİK MALZEME İŞMERKEZİ YENİŞEHİR / İZMİR
  • tractor, agricultural machinery, irrigation
    Telephone: 90(246)232 46 56 Address: DAVRAZ MH. YENİ ÇARŞAMBA PAZARI B BLOK NO:11
  • Trailers, Cordless Shrub Interrupts, Pressure Washers, Concrete Cutting Machines, Shears, Anchor Machine, The Mower, Lawn Care Products, The Lawn Mower, Lawn Mower Tractors, Lawn Blowers, Grass and Die Cutting, Hedge Trimmer Machines, Wood chipper Machines, Hardware Products, Spraying Machinery, Construction Machinery, generators, Snow Plowing Machine, Edge Cutting Machines, Protective Clothing and Accessories, milking Machinery, Water Pumps, Irrigation Equipment, Milking Machines, One Engines, Cleaning Machines, Scythe, Ground Screw Machine, Blowing Leaf Collection, Spare parts, Olives C
    Telephone: 90 228 314 74 56 Address: Yeni Mahalle İsmet İnönü Cd.Yücel Sok No 6/ B BOZÜYÜK/BİLECİK TURKEY
  • agricultural irrigation, irrigation machine
    Telephone: (90)(282) 427 50 10 Address: SAN.SİT.KARŞISI MALKARA
  • industrial, industrial products, industrial product, seedling machine, seedling machines, seedling machine products, seedling machine product, led lighted windmill, conveyor belt, torf mixing win, irrigation boomu, wind wash, intelligent irrigation and fertilization
  • automatic irrigation units, fertilization units, greenhouse climate, seeding machines, irrigation systems, hydraulic valves, high pressure fogging, greenhouse plastic materials, drip irrigation systems, drip irrigation products, greenhouse heating
    We started our working life as Agroweld Greenhouse Technologies, Automation & Agricultural Machine Industry at Aksu, Antalya in 2012. Our company that aims to providing qualified
    Telephone: +90 242 426 26 58 Address: Çalkaya Küçük Sanayi Sitesi A6 Aksu, Antalya, Turkey
  • dough machine, bakery machine, food processing machine, rms trakon dough on system, dough machines on reserves, noodles cutting machine, drying irrigation equipment dough, pulp moulding machines, kneading machines, dough on machines, textile machine, knitting iron, side sewing machine, hat iron, ironing for models, tile ironing, textile processing machinery, textile machinery industry, textile machinery exhibition, textile industry machinery, garment machine
    Telephone: 90 (212) 549 82 70 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Triko Center Sanayi Sitesi M 7 Blok No:125-126 İkitelli - İstanbul - Turkey
  • Hose-Reel, Irrigation Machine
    Telephone: +90 (0) 549 363 9000 Address: Çavuşköy Mahallesi Rumeli Caddesi No:6-8A Malkara Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Malkara / TEKİRDAĞ
  • Roll Grass Production, Landscape Practices, Irrigation Systems, Making Football Fields, Making Golf Course, Green Area Arrangement, Grass Seeds, agricultural machinery
    Telephone: 90216 489 21 58 Address: Eski Bağdat (Eminali Paşa ) Caddesi, Fidanlık Durağı , Karataş İş Mrk. No: 6 Kat :4 Daire :7 (Bostancı Gösteri Merkezi Yakını) Altıntepe - Bostancı / İSTANBUL TURKEY
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